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MoMo Es La Voz Of The New Generation


MoMo Es La Voz Of The New Generation

MOMO Si Tu Boquita

Monique Gonzalez a.k.a MoMo 

releases her debut single 
“Si Tu Boquita”
 Today, rising pop-sensation — Monique Gonzalez a.k.a MoMo releases her debut single,”Si Tu Boquita.”  The electric-pop, rhythmic beat is MoMo’s official introduction onto the music scene. Sampling the original version of the iconic Latin singer Iris Chacon and C&C Music Factory’s “Boriqua Anthem,” this sizzling single is an ode to her roots – When asked about the creative process while recording the single, MoMo said “This record embodies my cultural roots with a modern twist giving you a taste of how a 90’s baby gets down.”
“Si Tu Boquita” is the first single off of MoMo’s self-titled album set to be released later this year. Monique describes the project as “eclectic and eccentric as she is.” The sound and vibe of the project will be a collection ranging from high-energy dance numbers to tracks with tropical undertones and completely bilingual. After noticing that currently, a large amount of pop Latin stars in the industry are males, Monique is set to change this narrative and help pave the way for new Latina artist in the music world.  She has written or co-written every song on the self-titled project, allowing fans to relate to her bold, soulful and melodious sounds on a more intimate level.


About Monique “Momo” Gonzalez

 Monique, a songstress, dancer, and actress is not one designed to fit in the proverbial box. In fact, she redefines boundaries, rules, and containing beliefs consistently. From her ability to meld into the multi-cultural scene in South Florida like a chameleon, to her fearless approach to life and music, Monique says she is “going through the journey and enjoying being present in the moment.”
Raised in South Florida’s Cutler Ridge community, Monique was destined to shine. That shine magnified when she was cast as the young, beautiful leading lady in Austin Mahone’s video, “MMM Yeah,” featuring Pitbull and directed by Gil Green. The video garnered over 87 million views on YouTube. Her sizzling appearance in the video created the launching pad for her success. Monique’s vocal artistry began at the age of nine and she later began acting in high school and in local theatre, which led to commercials and a regional TV show booking.
These accomplishments provided Monique with multiple platforms of creative expression; but it was music that ultimately grabbed her heart.  This “unapologetically Latina” songbird is devouring the music industry, as she does life – full of passion and giving it her all.

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