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Big Mo BITW – “Zulia” (Lyric Video)


Big Mo BITW – “Zulia” (Lyric Video)

Maimi native, Big Mo BITW, releases his latest single “Zulia” an homage to Venezuela.

Born & Raised in North Miami, from Haitian decent, Big Mo is coming full force for that R&B top position. Demostrando su talento in Spanish & English, his latest lyric video shows his capabilities. “Zulia” is a record focused in a Venezuelan setting. Not only is Big Mo fluent in Spanish, he also sings in his native lengua; Haitian Creole. El Triple Threat cantante is already claiming the best in the world. Making music since the age of 13, now a grown man, he wants the world. From the sounds of things, he also wants the Spanish world. With a talent like that, he can take over the music universe. A proudful gordito, he states:

People categorize big men, so I always aim to prove wrong every logic they say about us.

– Big Moe BITW

We can only imagine how far he will take his career, but being able to sing in fluent Spanish he is already halfway there. Just take a look at his TikTok following (200K+). Besides our loyal readers, labels should be taking notes of Big Mo. Make sure to listen to “Zulia” here on our site. Follow Big Moe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok.

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