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DDLO Nos Demuestran Sus Sueños de Luna y Mar


DDLO Nos Demuestran Sus Sueños de Luna y Mar

DDLO is based out of Oakland, CA based. A latin jazz crossover collective featuring I.J. Smith, Eric Marshall, Tony DaQuipa, Adrian Gormeley & Bill Swan.

The SABOR to their music can easily be felt as we progress through ‘Sueños de Luna y Mar’. It’s perfect amount of spice is enough to get the blood pumping and an audience to their feet. Listening while entertaining I the perfect atmosphere for this short EP.

Sueños de Luna y Mar’ is an interesting feat. you can feel the true passion that was put into this album. It just makes me want to dance and enjoy a hot summer night. the entire run through can be heard as a simple love letter to the genre itself, with each delicate pluck of the guitar howls for respect.

“Sueños de Luna y Mar” Tracklisting

  1. El Mundo Fosforescente
  2. El Día que Llegó el Payaso
  3. El Pulpo de la Luna
  4. Nostalgia Majestuoso

A product of the urban-life landscapes of the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, Smith’s upbringing was predominately based in Latin – Mexican neighborhoods where the Chicano culture and music largely impacted his views and musical tastes – as is evident in works such as “El Camnio de los Chingones” Smith continues in this vein with a total dedication to the latin alter-ego with the DDLO project. Follow them on Facebook.

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