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Ata Erol – “You” (Official Audio)


Ata Erol – “You” (Official Audio)

Having the advantage of being born from a supporter family, Ata Erol was born in 1999 in Sakarya, Turkey.

In his childhood, he used to play drum, organ, guitar and piano. His teacher noticed him in music lessons in primary school. It was the day that Erol decided to learn musical notes. He took lessons and learned to play instruments.

Ata took a break from music, and when he returned, it wasn’t only with instruments. In 2014 while he was only 15, he had become a music producer. He began to learn to produce with attending music lessons and made his first track ’Space’ at that time.

After selling thousands of downloads on music markets, Erol made a collaboration with VEVO. After five years of producing music, he launched a podcast with Turkey’s most popular radio station ’Power FM.’

Ata’s music innovates and plays around with the formula. The mixing, sampling, and imaging are combined melodiously in his tracks. Currently, he has seven tracks released, and his music career continues.

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