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Sammi Rae x Los Vegas – “No Me Digas” (Music Video)


Sammi Rae x Los Vegas – “No Me Digas” (Music Video)

El tema “No Me Digas” by Sammi Rae & Los Vegas tantalizes these twosome into exploring communications in their relationships.

Building on the skyrocketing success of their recent collaborations, emerging Reggaeton duo Sammi Rae & Los Vegas are set to release their latest track and video “No Me Digas”, on Sunday July 19th, 2020 to YouTube, Spotify and all the major services.

No Me Digas! Do not tell me I do not care enough; unless you can climb into my chest and listen to my heart. Relationships are a two way street, and it’s a tough realization to know that sometimes life happens and your loved one just can’t be there as planned – even for a romantic dinner. That’s where the communication needs to get better on both sides. As long as you always resolve to remember the good times and the laughter to get you through when things get tough, do not tell me you can’t be happy forever.

After several pop leaning releases, the alluring and soulful voice of Sammi Rae has truly blossomed in the reggaeton genre; most recently on her debut single “Nunca” and also alongside Los Vegas, where the back and forth/call and answer between the female and the male in english/spanish is implemented precisely by the pair with a tension and a passion that is unmistakable.

Past tracks together include the sexy and unpredictable sound of “City Lights”, the bouncing singles “Baby Baila” and “Ella Se Atreve”, and the duo’s original collaboration “Escapate”.

You can follow Sammie Rae & Los Vegas on Instagram & Facebook. For Press Inquiries, contact for more.

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