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The Gift of Gabbedon Propels In His Latest Video


The Gift of Gabbedon Propels In His Latest Video

This Bronx native currently resides in the DC area and has been behind the scenes for quite some time, but with his work ethic, amazing vocal ability, and phenomenal writing skills he is quietly making a name for himself.

Gabbedon runs the gamut from Latin Soul to edgy R&B to Pop and everything in between. His music video “Contigo” is the video single from The Gift Of Gabb (Volume 1). Taking from his influences of Celia Cruz, Gabbedon can translate his music in Spanish & English. He truly believes that the music he creates is not for himself; it is meant to be shared amongst those who love good music, heard by individuals in need of refuge, and experienced in person by many.

“My music has given me the opportunity to be something I’ve never been…and that’s transparent and vulnerable”

Make sure to follow Gabbedon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Website.

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