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Banda MS – “Que Maldición” feat. Snoop Dogg & Becky G (Music Video)


Banda MS – “Que Maldición” feat. Snoop Dogg & Becky G (Music Video)

Banda MS and Snoop Dogg‘s “Que Maldición” just “hit differently,” as Becky G put it during an exclusive interview with Billboard — and now the Mexican-American star has joined the “Que Maldición Remix,” taking the track to the next level.

The remix has officially drop, seven months after the epic collaboration between the regional Mexican chart-topping band and West Coast icon dropped over the summer, scoring both acts their first top 10 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. The melancholic song, which celebrates the union of two cultures, organically fuses banda with hip-hop, an unorthodox combination that works for the pair.

“I was obviously a fan of Banda MS as well as a fan of Snoop. I’m an LA girl, proud to be, and so I identified with the two worlds colliding,” Becky G says. “Snoop being from the world of hip-hop and Banda MS being a representative for my Mexicana roots and I know Snoop has always had a love for regional Mexican music and I just thought, ‘Man, how cool would it be if I could be part of that song?'”

After hearing Becky G was a fan of the song, Banda MS reached out asking if she’d want to be part of the remix. “She was sharing the song on social media and we just saw how much she loved it that we contacted her to plan this remix that we think turned out so well,” Banda MS says. “When we collaborated with Snoop Dogg, there was this cultural significance, it was the union of two cultures and now with Becky G joining there’s now three cultures since she brings her Mexican-American identity.”

The remix drops alongside a music video filmed in Los Angeles and the film is a reflection of the multicultural artists and the strong bond between the Black and brown communities.

Story By: Griselda Flores

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