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Shakira, Carlos Vives Sued For Plagiarism? Cuban Singer Livam Says ‘La Bicicleta’ Copied His Song


Shakira, Carlos Vives Sued For Plagiarism? Cuban Singer Livam Says ‘La Bicicleta’ Copied His Song

Shakira and Carlos Vives are in trouble after Cuban singer Livam is suing both artists for the alleged resemblance of their hit “La Bicicleta” with one of his songs titled “Yo Te Quiero Tanto.”

According to El Colombiano, a court in Madrid has admitted that there is a plagiarism sue against these Colombian celebrities and that it was filed by Livam’s publisher Maryla Dianik Romeu (MDRB Music Publishing)

, on behalf of the Cuban singer, who claims that Grammy-winner hit “La Bicicleta” copies fragments of his song.

In Spain, the news have been confirmed. Spanish newspapers like El Mundo assured that the lawsuit was being processed in the court of Mercantil number 12 in Madrid.

According to the accuser, a phrase and part of the chorus of Livam’s song has been plagiarized in “La Bicicleta,” as a music expert pointed out that both songs share the same rhythm and the same melodic line.

The chorus of the successful theme of Colombians Shakira and Carlos Vives says “que te sueño y que te quiero tanto,” while the Cuban singer sings “yo te quiero, yo te quiero tanto.” None of the singers have declared anything about the lawsuit.

Shakira has been sued for plagiarism in other occasions for her songs “Loca,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “Waka Waka” for its similarities to other songs whose composers didn’t authorize the singer to use them.

Listen to both songs “La Bicicleta” and “Yo Te Quiero Tanto” and compare to get your own statement about this lawsuit.

La Bicicleta- Shakira and Carlos Vives 


Yo Te Quiero Tanto- Livam

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