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Joni Sandez Imitates Popular Mexican Hit TV Show “Rebelde” in his New Music Video


Joni Sandez Imitates Popular Mexican Hit TV Show “Rebelde” in his New Music Video

A Latino singer from Southern California went above and beyond by clothing his Tejano band as the popular 2000’s latin television show “Rebelde.” The song the artist is performing is called “Sálvame” which ironically is also performed by the actors in the show. Joni Sandez and his band appear in the music video wearing a white shirt, black pants, tejano cowboy hat, and a red tie. Yet the element of the video which has been causing controversy is the red tie, it being the signature mark of the hit Mexican television show “Rebelde.”

Sandez has risen quickly behind his most recent success “Respira” many dubbing him “America’s Norteño Voice” but now he has chosen a much more confusing spectacle as he copies original art from this TV show. It’s becoming normalized now, this type of imitated creativity but only when being parodied and not in the case of Sandez’s video.

In the series that aired from 2004-2006, the story follows a group of dramatic High School teenagers in Mexico City. They dress with a red tie and a red suit which later became the brand of the show as they hit success in the forthcoming years. Although the show only ran for 2 years it became one of Mexico’s most famous productions.

If you like Tejano music or not just remember that the greatest of music and art are that of original concepts. Watch “Sálvame” here on Urbano Mixtapes.

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