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Chicano Batman Talks With Billdboard’s Latin Podcast


Chicano Batman Talks With Billdboard’s Latin Podcast

With discussions of walls being built on borders and during times of political tension, in comes Chicano Batman with an ever-so-timely new version of “This Land Is Your Land,” including a powerful verse en Español.

The re-imagined Woody Guthrie classic is in partnership with Johnnie Walker for their campaign Keep Walking America. “We grew up singing that song in elementary school,” the Los Angeles-based band tells Billboard‘s Latin Connection Podcast. “And you don’t question the things you’re singing, you just do. But singing that song now and adapting it to our reality in 2017 has a whole new different meaning.”

Their version of the prideful song leads the way to their forthcoming politically charged album Freedom Is Free, due in March. “The whole concept of the album is that you don’t have to depend on an entity or government body to really be yourself,” they add.

On this new episode, Chicano Batman also talk about their upcoming trek in the United States and their anticipated performance at Coachella — their second time singing at the desert fest.

Listen to the Latin Connection Podcast featuring Chicano Batman here.

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